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Benjamin & Jamie with Casper


I was skeptical at first of purchasing a puppy 11 hrs from my home. But wow. Shelly helped me so much! She answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful. You know you have found a good breeder when the health and future care of the puppy are TOP priority! She made me feel comfortable, I told her what I was looking for and explained our situation. She said that she thought she had a puppy that would be perfect for us. She couldn't have been more spot on! We adopted little Casper 8 days ago and we have never been happier! He has adapted to our family so well. He is so playful, fun and is EXACTLY as Shelly described him. He is adorable and has brought so much joy into our lives and our family. He is so good! He is going to be the ring bearer at our wedding :) Follow him on Instagram @casperthefriendlycoton and you will see just how perfect Shelly’s puppies are. Hands down best decision we have ever made! Thanks Shelly! Casper has found a great forever home! You're the best!     (May 9, 2015)

Lan & Family with Mickey


Mickey is such a perfect little boy - so smart and sweet! He loves to be cuddled, and we just love to cuddle him. With his bright eyes, sweet puppy face, and oh soft fur, he melts all of us! This new family member adds much joy to our home! And most of all, he is such a good natured dog! Thank you Shelly for raising such a sweet little puppy! He is what we dreamed of! Shelly, you are wonderful! Thank you for all the help you provided us! This is a fantastic experience!   (December 22, 2014)                                                                                   

Mike, Alison & Family with Blossom


Shelly was great from the start giving us loads of advise. Our little Blossom has been fantastic and fits in perfectly with our other Coton, she has great temperament. Shelly was full of advice and we will remain in touch gaining advice for when we start breeding with Blossom.     (January 31, 2015)


Mary & Shalimar


I was thrilled to meet my new girl; she is beautiful, healthy and as sweet as can be. My experience through the preparation and purchase was very smooth and easy. Shelly really cares about the Coton breed and I would not have any hesitation recommending her puppies.   (December 1, 2014)

Wendy and Lilly with Snowy


As a buyer of a new puppy it is helpful for the breeder to spend time talking and advising about the breed, care, and expectations of the breed. Shelly went above and beyond! Being long distance she took the time to talk to us about the breed and answered all of our questions. We have now had our dog for 6 months and he has a wonderful disposition and is loving and playful. We are proud to be owners of a BlueGrassCoton!   August 6, 2014

Amy and Tanner with Murray


Shelly has been so patient with all our questions. I would highly recommend her.   (January 31, 2014)

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