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Bluegrass Cotons began as a small family owned kennel in Western Kentucky. Abby was my first

Coton and Sophie soon arrived as her playmate.  A few months later I decided to become

a breeder and Jack came along! 


A couple years later, I noticed Sophie didn't seem as happy as Abby and Jack even though she was given as much attention as the other two.  She seemed to crave more and it broke my heart to see her sad. I began wondering if another home where she would be the only dog might be best for Sophie.  Lifelong friends of mine in Minnesota knew of a couple that wanted a dog.  After talking to them extensively online I went to meet them. Paul and Julie were/are the nicest people and I felt sure Sophie would be happy living with them. She went to live with them in October, 2014. I've never regretted giving Sophie to them.  She is happy and they keep me updated with pictures and emails.


I then bought Emi and she fit right in with Jack and Abby. The three spent their time by my side or in my lap.  My dogs have always been given plenty of TLC, they follow me from room to room and sleep with me at night.


When I retired, I moved to Fairhope, AL. At that time, I had Jack neutered and rehomed Abby and Emi. They both went to live with good friends of mine. Life in Fairhope was good, but I thought Jack missed having a playmate. That is when Remi came to live with us.



It wasn't long after that that I missed having puppies. Around the same time, a breeder friend of mine just so happened to have a litter of puppies.  I bought an 8 week old female from her and named her Molly. We are currently busy attending conformation dog shows, so Molly hasn't had a litter yet. Once she reaches championship status, her and Remi will have their first litter.

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